Monday, September 08, 2008

A short note on the reshuffling at MSNBC 

Being extremely busy and out of town, I'm sadly behind on all the hot blogosphere stories, one of which is the big reshuffling at MSNBC. Rank lefties Olbermann and Matthews are off the anchor desk, and David Gregory, who at least gives the appearance of fairness the old college try, is in.

This is a obviously a good change for anybody who is not a red meat lefty. I wrote last week in my post on Sarah Palin's acceptance speech:

SWITCHED TO MSNBC (for the same reason the NSA eavesdrops on the jihadis, to paraphrase a recent wag). I have never seen such disappointed people, with the sole and creditable exception of David Gregory. Olbermann is just stunned (his reaction being a touchstone of sorts), and Campbell Brown looked as though she had just eaten some really terrible food.

MSNBC executives read TigerHawk! (I kill me.)

Anyway, their next move should be to replace Pat Buchanan as the token Republican analyst with somebody plausible.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at Mon Sep 08, 09:42:00 AM:

OK, a confession. I did watch Olberman when he and his assassins were savaging poor Mrs. Clinton. At every other time including his football coverage, he is simply off limits.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Mon Sep 08, 11:08:00 AM:

This happens when you surround yourself with like minded people, yes men, and cowards who haven't the guts to tell you the truth.

I view this like Britney or some other celebrity/floozy who is so convinced they can say and do anything and the world will reward them for it ... "yeah, you look hot, and it'll be good for your career to shave your parts, and your head, and go off the deep end showing it off for everyone." Unless it doesn't.

No one wants to tell the emperor he has no clothes. I suspect that even the majority of Democrats are pissed off, and realize that what their beloved 'fair media' is doing actually hurts their cause, as evidenced by the Palin effect.  

By Blogger Deuce ☂, at Mon Sep 08, 11:11:00 AM:

I thought Scarborough was their token Republican.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Mon Sep 08, 11:53:00 AM:

So David Gregory at the top of the pyramid is an improvement, with Mitchell, Olberman and Matthews at the base? All four should be fired, but hey they do actually speak for NBC. All are equal to Dan Rather. RIP NBC. May the NYT be next, then CBS, CNN, and ABC last.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Mon Sep 08, 12:25:00 PM:

...their next move should be to replace Pat Buchanan as the token Republican analyst with somebody plausible.

Heh. (You kill me, too.)  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Mon Sep 08, 02:38:00 PM:

I hate the Sunday Night Football show, primarily because of Olbermann and Costas, who are smug, arrogant, unfunny pricks (oh, and Tiki Barber too). That show has so much potential and it's a shame that those guys are the only reason I don't watch.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Mon Sep 08, 03:43:00 PM:

Pat Buchanan?
For a long time I have thought that the MSM picks conservative commentators who are the least capable of effectively making the conservative case. Pat really fits that bill.  

By Blogger charitygirl, at Mon Sep 08, 03:57:00 PM:

....to sum everything up....they're all blow hards!  

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