Saturday, September 11, 2010

Governor Awesome does it again 

Chris Christie continues to roll. Don't all you not New Jerseyans wish Governor Awesome was working for you? Another great town hall moment:


By Blogger PD Quig, at Sat Sep 11, 12:28:00 AM:

Maybe he will be working for us in 2013.  

By Blogger PD Quig, at Sat Sep 11, 12:29:00 AM:

2017 at the latest...  

By Anonymous Mr. Ed, at Sat Sep 11, 12:33:00 AM:

Why was he such a surprise to people in NJ?

I'm totally impressed with the way he handles a detailed response. Cicero use to organize his speeches (must have had a broken teleprompter) by putting various key points in different rooms of a house he knew. Then, he'd mentally go from room to room, pause in each room, and develop the point in that room. He had a route and milestones and it simplified the overall memory/organization problem.

Christie seems to have the same ability to take on a topic, develop it, conclude it, and move on to the next without missing a beat.

If he is mortal, I'm a bit less so.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sat Sep 11, 07:56:00 AM:

Working for Illinois or the US in 2013 would be great by me. He totally destroys the poor union bait that always seems to show up in front of him. Obama isn't even near the same league for off the cuff speaking. mpw  

By Blogger Dawnfire82, at Sat Sep 11, 09:05:00 AM:

Not to detract from his glory, but every time I see a clip of him being awesome it has to do with the same topic: public employee unions. There's not much evidence that this is a supernatural ability so much as knowing an awful lot and having convictions about that particular subject, surely because it's such an issue in New Jersey.

It's a big leap from there to Presidential matters.  

By Blogger Progressively Defensive, at Sat Sep 11, 10:28:00 AM:

I do!

I'm a NYSer and we could use him badly.


He could be VP very soon. He'd balance out someone very well given he's a NEer governor.

He explains things well; that would work on any topic.

It seems that the best Republicans tend to (or at least can) arise from the far-left political environments like Reagan in 60s California, Giuliani in 90s New York, Romney in Massachusetts (sort of), and hopefully Christie in 10s New Jersey. It's some serious "teeth cutting" to take on these rabid Democratic political machines. Republicans who come from the "Bible Belt" or otherwise have an easier time of it just don't have the reflexes or the intrinsic understanding of their opponents strengths and weaknesses to go up well against them.

See Reagan, being an FDR Democrat, knew what about Democratic rhetoric appealed to the middle ground and was quick to take that ground from them. I see that in this clip from Christie.

All right. Tigerhawk rested, back from the trip, rolling thunder out for election season.  

By Blogger Stephen, at Sat Sep 11, 11:52:00 AM:

Hey Dawnfire. Our country's fiscal problems are due to public spending. Maybe he is better qualified than you think.  

By Anonymous Ignoramus, at Sat Sep 11, 05:30:00 PM:

Christie has a great ability at addressing tough issues in a way that wins over these town halls. Using reason – and “being direct” -- he’s changing the way many of these people think on these issues, not just appealing to their pre-existing sentiments. It’s a wonderful thing.  

By Anonymous tyree, at Sun Sep 12, 02:26:00 PM:

Amazing. However, he needs some bendy straws for his water bottles.  

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