Thursday, September 09, 2010

But will they walk in the P-Rade? 

You know that the Undead have achieved a certain respectability if Princeton University Press has published a book with "Zombies" in the title.


By Blogger Ray, at Thu Sep 09, 06:41:00 PM:

The Class of 2006's theme is "Six Feet Under" for their 5th next year. Some of my friends in that class have been hoping for a zombie march.  

By Blogger DEC, at Thu Sep 09, 07:06:00 PM:

University of Baltimore: "This fall, the University of Baltimore is rolling out its new pop culture minor with a course on zombies."



By Blogger Georgfelis, at Fri Sep 10, 10:02:00 AM:

Actually I was expecting: "Krugman: Princeton's Zombie Economist"

It would explain a lot of his theories.

[I would like to apologize in advance to all the differentially life-impaired individuals who would object to being compared to Krugman. I know there are significant differences, you are lifeless non-breathing creatures in single minded pursuit of human brains, he is a living (but dull) breathing creature in single-minded pursuit of blame to pin on Republicans, the comparison was made with humor in mind.]  

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