Sunday, September 05, 2010

More fire 

It is cold outside, so I spent four hours this afternoon sitting by this fire doing emails, reading, blogging, and, most importantly, drinking. I am sure you are all delighted to know that, but mostly I just wanted to pass along this funky picture of the flames.

My fire


By Blogger MTF, at Mon Sep 06, 01:06:00 AM:

Looking good, Lewis.  

By Blogger Pete, at Mon Sep 06, 08:55:00 AM:

Thank you. I haven't seen even a picture of a coal fire in a fireplace for 61 years, when I lived in a home for which a big, central fireplace was the only heat source.  

By Anonymous Cody, at Mon Sep 06, 05:05:00 PM:

Oh wow, man, look at the flames. Dig it, those flames like move around and change and stuff. I mean it man, look at them, groove on it.  

By Blogger Nancy, at Tue Sep 07, 02:55:00 AM:

The picture is intriguing!! It is a good shot! Keep sharing!!

This is Nancy from Israeli Uncensored News  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Tue Sep 07, 05:23:00 AM:

Cody - you took the words out of my mouth :)  

By Blogger Progressively Defensive, at Tue Sep 07, 11:05:00 AM:

Here we are now, entertain us.

No; I'll not do.

You could surf the net and do a link list ... something besides these boring pictures of yours.

How about a best of every once in a while like they do on television? You could post that "Denny Crane" video again. That was the funniest one so far.

No. And it's Tuesday now! Don't worry, the lake will still have water when you get back from working on my .... er, uh ... your website.  

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