Saturday, December 05, 2009


I rather like this picture, taken at Granada in October 2008. I've posted it before, I'm sure, but came across it in response to a request and thought I'd put it up again.


The fountains of La Alhambra are powered entired by gravity, from water flowing from a system of acquaducts from the nearby mountains. It is astonishing that this system has functioned in essentially the same way for 700 years.


By Anonymous Boludo Tejano, at Sat Dec 05, 11:49:00 PM:

Here Mario Lanza sings Granada, named after the Spanish city which Wiki informs us is not to be confused with the Caribbean island nation of Grenada.

Years ago I worked with someone from Andalucia, where Granada is located. He was Jewish. He informed me that instead of converting to Christianity or leaving Spain as Queen Isabella ordered in 1492, his ancestors became conversos and secretly practiced Judaism for centuries until it once again became legal for Jews to be in Spain. BTW, Franco saved a number of Sephardic Jews from the gas chambers by giving them Spanish passports, reasoning that their ancestors had been Spanish.  

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