Friday, December 04, 2009

Stuff to do in a college town on Saturday afternoon 

If any of you guys are in Princeton tomorrow and looking for a good heckling opportunity, you ought to drop by Labyrinth books on Nassau Street so you can catch this beautiful moment:

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Chris Hedges, author of the newly released "Empire of Illusion: The End of Empire and the Triumph of Spectacle," will be speaking with consumer advocate and all-purpose gadfly Ralph Nader about Mr. Nader's novel, "Only the Super-Rich Can Save Us," at 3 p.m. at Labyrinth Books, located at 122 Nassau St., Princeton. On the agenda are the economic and environmental crises, what is to be done, etc.

Labyrinth describes "Only the Super-Rich Can Save Us" as "a vivid fictional account by Mr. Nader that answers the question 'What If?' What if a cadre of super-rich individuals tried to become a driving force in America to organize and institutionalize the interests of the citizens of this troubled nation?" Hey, it might even be a good read.

Let's see. Going to see a bunch of locals fawn over Nader and Hedges, or go to Triumph Brewery and "prepare" for Florida vs. Alabama. Tough call.


By Anonymous Locker Room, at Sat Dec 05, 12:32:00 AM:

"Let's see. Going to see a bunch of locals fawn over Nader and Hedges, or go to Triumph Brewery and 'prepare' for Florida vs. Alabama. Tough call."
Either you're being ironic or you recently took a blow to the head. Even this non-drinker, forever bored to tears by the incessant chest-pounding of SEC football fans, could make that call.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sat Dec 05, 12:34:00 PM:

The big game is on now.

Cincinnati versus Pitt.

What is this "SEC" that you speak of?


By Blogger Bert, at Sat Dec 05, 01:43:00 PM:

I know it's good to be a regular guy and all that. I love football and beer myself. But what is a Princeton education worth if you come out the other end in favor of not just avoiding other ideas, but heckling them?

I listen to Rush, read Paul Johnson and Edmund Burke, watch Mel Gibson movies.

But yet when some fellow travelers of mine blog-heckled author Sarah Palin for her visit to Milwaukee last month, boy did they hear about it from "the real Americans out there" as Mrs. Palin would say.

Sorry to be a wet blanket, and I do appreciate your humor -- most of the time.


By Anonymous Boludo Tejano, at Sat Dec 05, 03:37:00 PM:

Bert: I have read Chris Hedges since he was a newspaper correspondent. He did at least on occasion make sense to me as a journalist. My assessment of his more recent books is that they are full of tomfoolery.I refer to American Fascists. Were he to appear in my city, I would like to ask him some questions about what he has written, bearing in my that IMHO he has written more nonsense than not recently. If you consider that heckling, so be it.  

By Blogger TigerHawk, at Sat Dec 05, 09:19:00 PM:

Right, Boludo. I go to see a lot of people and read lots of stuff on the left, but Hedges and Nader -- who both did very important things at one point -- have become predictable parodies of themselves. IMHO.  

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