Friday, August 07, 2009


I am headed to the coast of Maine on Saturday, where mobile phone service is spotty and I may not have an Internet connection, so blogging may be quite light from my end for the next week.

I will be dining with some frequency at Muscongus Bay Lobster Company, and BYOBing with growlers of Pemaquid Ale made by The Sheepscot Valley Brewing Company. There is apparently an ongoing case of naturally occurring "Red Tide" along the coast, greatly reducing the harvest of clams, so steamers might be iffy. Not good, definitely not good. I may have to substitute the much more expensive oysters from Glidden Point Oyster Sea Farm, but we'll see.

Dessert will be either a cone of Gifford's ice cream (likely Moose Tracks flavor) at the Granite Hall Store or a stop into Round Top Ice Cream if I happen to be along Route 1 in Damariscotta.

I have one morning scheduled for a kayak tour around the islands with Midcoast Kayak, but otherwise will be day sailing around Muscongus Bay, waving to the harbor seals sunning themselves on rocky ledges at low tide.

Other inland diversions might include the Topsham Fair -- the midway is always fun, especially bumper cars, and I haven't seen a good truck pull or demolition derby in years -- or picking blueberries at pick your own farm such as Steep Hill Farm or Goss Berry Farm.


By Anonymous TimothyJ, at Sat Aug 08, 01:50:00 AM:

I hate my life. Can I have yours?  

By Blogger Andrew Ian Dodge, at Sat Aug 08, 06:13:00 AM:

Should you be interested in meeting with a fellow blogger who lives in Maine you can email me via the address on my blog. You should really try Old Thumper Ale by Shipyard its rather good.

Topsham Fair sounds rather fun, haven't been for quite a few years.  

By Blogger Gammer Gurton, at Sat Aug 08, 01:44:00 PM:

Round Top ice cream is wonderful. We also like Damariscotta oysters. You're in a good spot.

In North Yarmouth, there's Toots--really good ice cream. When we lived in Yarmouth, we used to go there a lot. My wife loves the stuff.

Down Portland way (Westbrook, actually), there's Smiling Hill farm.

BTW--your Adirondacks camp looks rather a lot like our old family place on Grand Lake (now called West Grand Lake), uplake from Grand Lake Stream. We used to go there back in the 1950's, when my father--a Foreign Service Officer--got home leave. I like to see your pictures of your camp--they bring back lots of memories.  

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