Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Questions that trouble me 

Two questions occur to me while I sit on "hold" on the tarmac at O'Hare in one of those little Brazilian jets with only three seats across.

First, why has Continental stuffed the teeny-weeny overhead bins with pillows and blankets? Literally. There are multiple pillows and blankets in every bin. Why? Where can this plane possibly fly that people will need lots of pillows and blankets?

Second, sources tell me that there is not a cloud in the sky in Newark, and the news reports nothing untoward. Has our air traffic control reached the point where major airports cannot handle the traffic on a perfect normal day with no bad weather disrupting the system?


By Anonymous Anonymous, at Wed Mar 18, 05:28:00 PM:

1. Because policy dictates the number, despite smaller planes and overheads.
2. Yes.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Wed Mar 18, 09:41:00 PM:

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By Blogger Georg Felis, at Thu Mar 19, 08:05:00 AM:

Because many of the Air Traffic Controllers are off attending classes for their new jobs as Health Care Controllers?  

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