Wednesday, February 22, 2012

"Do it and dream it" 

Governor Awesome on the American dream.


By Anonymous Ignoramus, at Thu Feb 23, 06:43:00 PM:

For a guy not running for President, Christie has been on TV a lot lately. Just sayin’

How much does Christie weigh. 300?
I happened to catch Christie getting interviewed by the ABC News Muppet, George Stephanopolous. Sitting side by side it looked like Christie could simply inhale George in a single breath.

Christie has a big heart. That’s why he can play a Center-Right populist.

Republicans with good odds of beating Obama:

1) Paul Ryan – He’d kill
2) Chris Christie
3) Mitch Daniels – Maybe too much of a milquetoast
4) Jeb Bush – has baggage – would need to partly disown his brother – New and improved! Now with lemon!

Republicans with a decent chance of beating Obama:

5) Newt – risky, but can take the fight to Obama
6) Sarah – ditto

Republicans with low odds of beating Obama:

7) Mitt Romney – Over/under is 220 electoral votes
8) Ron Paul
9) Rick Santorum – Over/under is 180 electoral votes

Am I wrong?  

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