Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Phone camera dump: Las Vegas 

My new Blackberry Torch takes a good picture. Herewith, the accumulation of a couple of days in Las Vegas (as you can see, what happens in Vegas to me need not stay in Vegas).

The lobby of the Cosmopolitan Hotel.

Light walls in the lobby of the Cosmopolitan

A massive reflection of, er, me on the side of the Wynn, from the Encore...


The Strip, also from the Encore...

The Strip

A "cranberry mojito" at Encore. Very refreshing.

"Cranberry mojito" at Encore

Caesar's, during the morning jog.

Caesar's Palace

Me in the mylar, after the morning jog.

Me in mylar

Heading home in a few hours for the first time in eight days.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at Wed May 11, 01:05:00 AM:

What's the hotel going up in the left of your Strip photo?  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Wed May 11, 08:44:00 AM:

BB Torch? Tigerhawk you BSD ;)  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Wed May 11, 10:00:00 AM:

Did you not notice the giant wolves in the pic before the mohito?  

By Blogger Papa, at Wed May 11, 07:05:00 PM:

"Vegas....its either the best of America or the worst of America..I can't decide"
Quote from my very bright 34 y/o son  

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