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Re: First Responders

As part of his visit to NYC today, President Obama had lunch at the FDNY house for Battalion Nine, which lost 17 men on 9/11, the most of any. It's on the corner of 48th and 8th in the theater district.

I know two guys who own a few bars, including Hurley's which is right around the corner on 48th. Back in 2001 they were bringing in "celebrity bartenders" on slow nights -- e.g. a trading desk head from Morgan Stanley, etc. -- and giving the tip jar to charity.

Several of the guys from Battalion Nine were on for the night of 9/11/01 but didn't make it.

If you're in the neighborhood, the Battalion Nine house is worth seeing. Hurley's is a really nice upscale pub too. Ask for Anne. Sailors drink for free during Fleet Week, as one of the owners was in the Marines  

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Who is the tool that drew this cartoon? The first responders did not ride into battle with a fancy helicopter. They rode in with Love and a fearless attitude. You had a great blog but ruined it with your own pathetic post. Oh wait to talk about the Princes of Bailouts and bar owners in NY. No wonder you wish to remain anonymous.  

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"No wonder you wish to remain anonymous."


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