Tuesday, May 03, 2011

The Bin Laden caper, and a plug for Costco 

I've only just now gotten through the NYT's long article on Sunday night's Bin Laden caper, which is worth your time if you have not spent the last 48 hours reading everything else on the subject. And, of course, there is this awesome plug for Costco:

On Sunday, White House officials canceled all West Wing tours so unsuspecting tourists and visiting celebrities wouldn’t accidentally run into all the high-level national security officials holed up in the Situation Room all afternoon monitoring the feeds they were getting from Mr. Panetta. A staffer went to Costco and came back with a mix of provisions — turkey pita wraps, cold shrimp, potato chips, soda.

I can see it now: "Costco, the store that fed the team that monitored the feeds from the other team that killed Osama Bin Laden!"

Now you know why I will never make it in marketing.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at Wed May 04, 09:06:00 AM:

Costco, you are now an enabler.  

By Blogger Stephen, at Wed May 04, 09:48:00 AM:

I guess Michelle was away---hence no arugula from Whole Foods. Costco: when the chips are down and you really need the chips.  

By Anonymous Fausta, at Wed May 04, 07:02:00 PM:

What, no buffalo wings?  

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