Friday, May 06, 2011

As I head to Las Vegas for business... 

...I consider that the largest union in that town of money has gone full Commie.

Yes, your blogger, TigerHawk, will be at the annual Bank of America health care investors conference. Can it get more running dog than that?


By Anonymous Big Country, at Fri May 06, 11:54:00 PM:

Always suspicious of Vegas "conventions", I can't help but inquire about what investment opportunities might exist in this overly regulated sector.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sat May 07, 09:51:00 AM:

Vegas is actually a pretty economical and centrally located venue...

Isnt Union and Commie pretty much an oxymoron?


By Anonymous Everyman, at Sat May 07, 01:59:00 PM:

Wrong verb; wrong verb tense.

Is and always has been - the adverb addition would also be good - are my corrections of choice.  

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