Sunday, January 30, 2011

My whereabouts 

No, I have not vanished, but I have been very hither and yon. I flew to Las Vegas on Friday morning (the 7 am flight out of Newark) where I was absorbed in to my company's national sales meeting from my arrival until quite late Friday night. Saturday I grabbed a 6:30 am flight to Salt Lake City for a five hour visit there, returned to Vegas bebeh about 4 pm, and then had one appearance after another until midnight or so again. Flew back today, so "regular blogging" should resume forthwith.


By Anonymous B.McD., at Mon Jan 31, 10:27:00 AM:

Maybe you and Sev should collaborate on a new blog, "The Road Warriors" though it seems that Sev's missions are generally more peaceful in nature.  

By Anonymous DragonLady, at Tue Feb 01, 09:53:00 AM:

So much running. Where is the center of Tigerhawk's life?  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Wed Feb 02, 01:54:00 PM:

Asking difficult philosophical questions is sticking it to him.  

By Blogger TigerHawk, at Wed Feb 02, 11:22:00 PM:

Indeed. The "center" of my life? Challenging indeed, and tough to answer without sounding completely full of shit.  

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