Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sitting in the sports bar tab dump 

I'm in Princeton's newest hot spot, the Princeton Sports Bar and Grill, enjoying serial Sierra Nevadas and an orgy of Big Ten football. And free wifi, which means that I am the blogging dork at the table with the view of Iowa v. Iowa State, Miami v. Ohio state, and Michigan v. Notre Dame, rooting for a Big Ten sweep. And yet, there are also tabs to be dumped, like arching spools of unrolling bathroom tissue hurled from the stands in days of yore.

The first woman to paddle the Northern Forest Canoe Trail is from New Jersey, and 50 years old. An inspiration to us all, I would say.

A 50-year-old New Jersey woman on Monday became the first female to complete a solo end-to-end paddle of the 740-mile Northern Forest Canoe Trail (NFCT) from New York to Maine.

Cathy Mumford of Colts Neck, N.J., set off from Old Forge, N.Y. on June 19, paddling, wheeling and dragging her nine and a half-foot-long Perception Sparky kayak to the northern terminus of the trail at Riverside Park on the St. John River in Fort Kent, Maine. The NFCT opened to the public in 2006 and Mumford is only the third solo kayaker to complete a through paddle of the recreational waterway.

Mumford's adventure included paddling across the eastern half of Lake Champlain on her 50th birthday, taking a wrong turn on the Missisquoi River in Vermont, and having to repair her broken kayak wheels.

A round-up of September 11 memories. My step-cousin, Welles Crowther, died in the towers that day. Here is more about Welles, one of the genuine heroes of the day. And here is a video of Welles' mother, Allison, remembering him.

A huge chunk of the original stimulus package has not even hit the economy yet, but still the administration wants to borrow countless more billions from our children so we may employ a few more people, maybe, today. It is not obvious whether that is a measure of arrogance, incompetence, or both.

Occasional TH guest-blogger Cassandra is writing for the RightNetwork, today imploring the president to respect the sacrifices of military families.

An interesting article about the big money flowing in to "minor" college sports. Much of it is the result of simply tallying the national results and given out an award to athletic directors in recognition in respect thereof.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sat Sep 11, 11:45:00 PM:


'And yet, there are also tabs to be dumped, like arching spools of unrolling bathroom tissue hurled from the stands in days of yore.'

Mesmerising :)  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Mon Sep 13, 05:51:00 PM:

I admit that on the 11th, I tuned in here for your Welles Crowther tribute and am glad to find it here, in the tabs link. Thanks!  

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