Wednesday, August 18, 2010

An important question 

What are the differences between tequila and mezcal (which, by the way, I had for the first time this weekend)?


By Blogger Trochilus, at Wed Aug 18, 10:03:00 PM:


Well . . . and a slightly different process.

I think it's a little like, all Champagne is sparkling wine, but not all sparkling wine is Champagne.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Wed Aug 18, 10:05:00 PM:

Mezcal is made of agave, but it's a less rigorous distillation process. It's "fresher", for lack of a better word. However, it's also more of a homespun deal, so it's got protected origin dealies going for it. Like, in Arizona, we can make types of tequila with our agave, but we can't make and market mezcal. Mezcal is also waaay raunchier when you get it down in Jalisco or Guerrero.  

By Blogger JPMcT, at Thu Aug 19, 01:19:00 AM:

In significant volume, the effect is the same.

...and then there is the worm.  

By Anonymous Boludo Tejano, at Thu Aug 19, 07:06:00 AM:

You needed the NYT to inform you of this. Oh well.  

By Blogger TigerHawk, at Thu Aug 19, 07:51:00 AM:

@Boludo - I know. It is more than a little humiliating.  

By Anonymous MCSE, at Wed Aug 25, 07:33:00 AM:


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