Thursday, August 19, 2010

Facebook status of the day 

I woke up this morning to this status update from a Facebook friend (and actual friend) with more than the usual, er, capacity:

It took six rounds of Lagavulin, but finally got the guy sitting next to me at the Petroleum Club to shut up after a spirited but vacuous discussion. Turns out he's the top trial lawyer in Oklahoma, a Marxist, and can't hold his liquor. After he passed out, the entire team at the bar gave me a standing ovation, which I feel is an undeserved accolade.

Nice. I can think of less effective means of "tort reform." Only 49 "top trial lawyers" to go!


By Blogger pam, at Thu Aug 19, 08:00:00 AM:


By Anonymous Boludo Tejano, at Thu Aug 19, 08:48:00 AM:

Three would have put me on the floor, or at least out of the discussion.

I wonder if the passed-out trial lawyer remembered anything of the discussion when he woke up.  

By Blogger MTF, at Thu Aug 19, 12:28:00 PM:

If all it takes to get Marxists to shut up is $100 worth of scotch, then let's get started.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Thu Aug 19, 05:42:00 PM:

The story is apocryphal. I am the top trial lawyer in Oklahoma, and while I do not always drink scotch, when I do I prefer Talisker.  

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