Saturday, July 31, 2010

The next time you are in New York City... 

...make a point to walk the High Line, a beautifully designed and landscaped park built along the top of abandoned elevated train tracks on the west side. I walked it for several blocks yesterday and took a few pictures there and around Chelsea Piers, a block away from the High Line's 18th St. staircase.

Looking south...

On the High Line

...and north...

High Line

There are cool design elements all along the High Line. Park benches...

On the High Line

...and "bleachers" on which you can sit and literally watch New York go by from up above.

High Line audience

Your Blogger...

On the High Line

New Jersey's most beautiful skyline...

New Jersey's most beautiful skyline

The sport of tools...

Chelsea Piers driving range

And Your Blogger again, this time after IPAs -- three, actually -- and sliders at the Chelsea Brewing Company.

Chelsea Piers


By Blogger Bomber Girl, at Sat Jul 31, 11:20:00 AM:

Looks like that railing came in handy.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sat Jul 31, 11:27:00 AM:

I first discovered the High Line 20 years ago through the New York Hash House Harriers. HHH is a worldwide "drinking club with a running problem." Club members take turns setting crazy trails with chalk- and flour-coded markings that end at a mystery dive bar.

The High Line was an industrial railroad that literally ran through the middle of what were old factories and warehouses on the lower west side of Manhattan. It nearly got torn down a few years ago, but was saved through private-public partnership. Now it's an attraction.

Back in the day no one was supposed to access the High Line. Our NYHHH trails would use the crack addict-created holes in fences. It was a great run, once you got up on it -- if you didn't mind the odd crack addict or two.  

By Blogger pam, at Sat Jul 31, 12:34:00 PM:

Took my first stroll along the High Line this summer; loved it.  

By Blogger commoncents, at Sat Jul 31, 01:43:00 PM:


Just wanted to drop a quick note to say I really like your blog!

Common Cents

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sat Jul 31, 03:09:00 PM:

Cool! But since IPA's are about 6-9% ABV would it have been as interesting? ;-)  

By Anonymous Boludo Tejano, at Sat Jul 31, 05:03:00 PM:

I had never heard of the High Line, perhaps because most of my walking around NYC in past decades has been around SoHo and points south. I am more aware of Montana’s Hi-Line, which consists of “the northern part of Montana that is adjacent to US Highway 2 – or more or less about the first 100 miles of Montana that lies south of the Canadian border.” Lovely country.  

By Blogger JPMcT, at Sun Aug 01, 11:22:00 AM:

Bad place to take your Frisbee!

We were just in the city last week, but decided to take in the Tenement Museum instead of the High Line. Highly recommended.  

By Blogger Assistant Village Idiot, at Sun Aug 01, 02:41:00 PM:

Wow! A fake version of mid-Atlantic vacation shoreline. Can't wait.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Mon Aug 02, 07:54:00 AM:

The High Line isn't on the water. Those were other pictures mixed in. The High Line is a different and unique urban experience.  

By Blogger TigerHawk, at Mon Aug 02, 11:11:00 AM:

A point I made in the introductory paragraph.  

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