Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Lunchtime video fun: Jon Stewart on Sherrod 

I've obviously not been all over the Sherrod story, at least on the blog, but Jon Stewart's take is definitely worth a few minutes of your precious lunch hour.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sun Aug 01, 07:39:00 PM:

Wow. Even when The BlogProf links to the whole tape he can't get it right! From his erroneous claims that Stewart said "Breitbart was right with regards to the NAACP speech that Shirley gave" (listen to the whole tape Mr. BlogProf, he said no such thing) to cherry picking Stewart's remark with its self serving headline; "Jon Stewart on Sherod Controvery: Breibart may have been the most honest person involved in this mess"....

What Mr. BlogProf neglected to add was Stewart's next line: "this is what Breibart said 5 months ago [clip of Breibart] 'I want to be the person in the history books who takes down the institutional left."

Stewart: "[Breibart] said out loud 'I want to bring down the institutional left so if you get a package from him watch the whole f*cking tape."

There. Much better.  

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