Thursday, July 29, 2010

Summer reading? 

Amazon has helpfully assembled a page of the "best books of 2010 (so far)". It includes The Big Short, which is a rollicking good read.


By Blogger Don Cox, at Fri Jul 30, 04:19:00 AM:

I wonder if by "best" Amazon means "the ones we have mountains of in the warehouse and are desperate to shift."

I nominate "The Other Brain" by Douglas Fields, and "Color and Light" by James Gurney. The latter is not out yet but has been fully previewed on Gurney's blog, and it follows his brilliant "Imaginative Realism" of last year.

Also the Rip Kirby reprint series from DWG.  

By Anonymous Christopher Taylor, at Fri Jul 30, 10:11:00 PM:

It doesn't have my book Snowberry's Veil, that list can't be any good!  

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