Friday, February 12, 2010

It's the TGIF tab dump! 

I have been at my company's national sales meeting for the last couple of days, bouncing from one session to another. There is no time to think, but -- fortunately for you, me, and them -- thought is not required for the spewing of tabs.

Apparently, Mickey Kaus reads TigerHawk. OK, probably not, but great minds think alike.

In a move that rather transparently unmans Attorney General Eric Holder, President Obama is, apparently, going to select the location of the Khalid Sheik Mohammed terrorism trial personally. Is this not unlike Lyndon Johnson picking the targets for American bombers during Vietnam, or Jimmy Carter's micromanagement of the disaster at Desert One? The personal involvement of the president in an agency decision almost always reflects a catastrophic failure of trust.

Sunday marks the beginning of the Year of the Tiger. Consider giving to the Save the Tiger Fund.

Fun with technical indicators: So far, it does not look like the 1930s.

Thousand-fathers watch:

There's an odd thing about this administration claiming credit for victory in Iraq - half the country knows Biden and Obama had nothing to do with it, and the other half will never admit there is a victory to claim. However, since they think we're all stupid, I guess the White House wants to give it a shot.

Click through the link, though. The White House press corps seems to have located its spine. (CWCID)

Ezra Klein wonders why Barack Obama has seemed to be so reluctant to use the recess appointment power, at least compared to George W. Bush and Bill Clinton. Good question, actually.

Circular firing squad watch: Ouch and egads.

What will stop Chindia? Me, I hope nothing. If forced to choose between 2.5 billion people getting rich in a hurry with a huge stake in the future and national optimism and the same huge crowd mired in unending poverty with no hope, I choose door number one.

More later.


By Blogger Bomber Girl, at Fri Feb 12, 12:53:00 PM:

"Egads" indeed. This is farce, and not the humorous kind.  

By Blogger Don Cox, at Fri Feb 12, 02:34:00 PM:

Totally agree with you about China and India.

However, I think good living for all will depend on the development of nuclear fusion power.  

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