Friday, June 26, 2009

A sunny afternoon in Chicago 

I could not handle the rain and gloom in the northeast for a moment longer, so the TH Daughter and I lit out for the territory. Chicago, that is, where the sun is shining long and warm as it ought in late June. We took in the Taste of Chicago, the Shedd Aquarium (which I had not been to in a very long time and which is way cooler than I remembered), and the Cubs and White Sox interleague game at "the Cell." Herewith, a few shots from my Blackberry, with the chance of more to come if I have the energy and you have the enthusiasm...

"Buckingham Fountain"  "Taste of Chicago" Loop Chicago

Shedd Chicago Loop

The actual opening pitch in a 5-4 victory for the Northsiders...

"the Cell" "White Sox" Cubs Chicago


By Blogger Donald Douglas, at Fri Jun 26, 07:25:00 PM:

Thanks for sharing!

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By Anonymous Philip Sells, at Fri Jun 26, 10:03:00 PM:

I'm glad you went out there! I'm always glad when folks get to Chicago. Two buildings I didn't recognize in the photo standing on the steps of the Shedd: what's the one with the spire lined up with that middle lamppost? And the new one going up about 2" to the left of that? (I haven't been out there in too long, myself.)  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sat Jun 27, 06:31:00 PM:

The one with the spire is the Trump Tower (on the site of the old Sun-Times building on the river). I'm not sure which other one you are referring to. The one under construction?  

By Anonymous Philip Sells, at Sun Jun 28, 10:09:00 PM:

Aha, Trump Tower.. hmm, not sure if I like having such a name, but thanks. :) As for the other one, yes, the one that's almost done, with the crane.  

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