Friday, June 26, 2009

Facebook status of the day 

From my scroll, Andrew Breitbart:

Gov Sanford is thinking to himself: Perhaps I should have done my big televised admission on Thursday instead of Wednesday.



By Anonymous NT, at Fri Jun 26, 07:47:00 AM:

Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi is thanking Michael Jackson for dying and grabbing the headlines so that the public is distracted from the "Cap and Tax" vote on the Hill today.  

By Anonymous Boludo Tejano, at Fri Jun 26, 08:18:00 AM:

Is Pajamas Media down?  

By Blogger Christopher Chambers, at Fri Jun 26, 08:58:00 AM:

No I think Sanford (his ass-covering wife and lying staff) would be over and done as a national figure regardless. I'm you all will your Wm Randolph Hearst-est lying-est best to try to reform that. ;-)

But as for the matter of the day--I'm shocked there's no TH Michael Jackson blogpost. Or at least for farrah Fawcett? I'm sad, but still thinking about the people--working people--who died in the Metro collision, not MJ.  

By Blogger Christopher Chambers, at Fri Jun 26, 09:18:00 AM:

I'm sorry--I take it all back re: Mark Sanford. He said he promised to reimburse taxpayers for the skrilla he diverted for his bootycalls down on the Pampas.

FYI on the African American blogs (both politics and entetainment-fluff) there have been statements to the effect that Fox News has been more "fair and balanced" about MJ and his legacy than CNN and MSNBC. Interesting.  

By Anonymous tyree, at Fri Jun 26, 10:35:00 AM:

Yeah, Nancy Pelosi's "Culture of Corruption" is going to take steps to raise the cost of living for all Americans, even the working people, during a recession. In the words of President Obama, "My plan is going to make the cost of electricity skyrocket". At least it's a "cap" and not a "tax". No word yet on how many Democratic Party donors will make millions from the passage of the bill, and how many coal miners will be put out of work. Congress hasn't even had time to read the bill, which just grew by 300 pages, and now they are trying to pass it. So much hopeful change!  

By Anonymous Syd, at Fri Jun 26, 11:18:00 AM:

Sanford can still take advantage of Jacko's untimely death by announcing his resignation today. He is meeting with his cabinet at 12:30 today....

If he's smart, he'll time it rigth after Jackson's autopsy results are released.

Mark who?  

By Blogger Dawnfire82, at Fri Jun 26, 01:17:00 PM:

"...statements to the effect that Fox News has been more "fair and balanced" about MJ and his legacy than CNN and MSNBC. Interesting."

Quite. It's almost like... you can't just paint an entire institution or massive group of people with a caricature brush and expect it to stand up to reality.

Earth shattering.  

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