Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Megyn Kelly for press secretary 

The next Republican president, whoever he or she may be, really ought to hire Megyn Kelly as White House press secretary. Assuming, of course, that Rachel Lucas is willing to move to Washington.

CWCID: Glenn Reynolds.


By Blogger smitty1e, at Wed Oct 29, 08:06:00 AM:

She was listed as "lawyer" on O'Reilly last night.
Watching her rip into the Obama meatpuppet, I thought her verbal artillery exceptional. I daresay she could claw a few chunks o' flesh out of Papa Bear himself, she took a mind to it.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Wed Oct 29, 08:29:00 PM:

Megyn Kelly is but one in a dazzling array of beautiful right-wing women.

BTW, why do you think leftists hate Sarah Palin, Cindy McCain, etc.......  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Wed Oct 29, 09:56:00 PM:

Truly, she could singlehandedly destroy the left-wing media, if she was Press Secretary.

She would be to the leftist media what General Petreaus was to Al-Qaeda in Iraq. Seriously. Think about the analogy, and realize that she really could do it. She would drive them into mysogynistic, unprofessional insanity, resulting in many everyday women supporting her against the media.

If you ever wondered how to solve the left-wing media that is destroying our democracy, the silver bullet has presented itself….  

By Anonymous David, at Wed Oct 29, 10:11:00 PM:

Megyn and Bill Hemmer have been quite irritating in the mornings - always full of breathless hyperbole, interrupting guests, talking over them but she has really stepped up her game in the last couple of weeks, Bill Burton being her personal whipping boy the last few times he was on Fox.

She'd make an excellent press secretary.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Thu Oct 30, 01:47:00 AM:

Leave Megyn and Bill alone. They've got HUGE and wonderful chemistry, so much so that folks thought they had a relationship going. When either appear on air with someone different the lack of chemistry is noticeable. They're both young, bright, sharp people. Megyn, especially, goes for the jugular more than Bill does. He's the nice guy of the two. Megyn's like Sarah Palin's younger sister: she's another Barracuda.

Megyn's just simply fantastic. I'm a girl and I appreciate the heck out of Megyn and Bill.

Don't expect McCain to put another pitbull/barracuda as his press secretary. Megyn would be an excellent choice—if she could go back to Fox when she's done.  

By Blogger Peg C., at Thu Oct 30, 04:55:00 AM:

This is funny. After watching the video online of Megyn disemboweling Burton the other day I told my hubby (a Megyn groupie bigtime) that she would make the best Presidential Press Secretary of anyone out there. There's no one we enjoy more.

But Burton ain't but a dull blade next to her. Chemistry or not she eats him for lunch intellectually, verbally and charismatically.  

By Anonymous bandit, at Thu Oct 30, 08:04:00 AM:

If Obama were smart (and he isn't) he'd offer her the job.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Thu Oct 30, 04:00:00 PM:

I told my husband Megyn could move in with us after watching that.  

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