Sunday, February 26, 2006

Worse than losing Don Knotts 

There has been a disturbance in the Force even more titanic than the recent expiration of Don Knotts. Darren McGavin, known to millions of us who "came of age" in the 1970s as "Kolchak the Night Stalker," has died at age 83 (scroll down for all kinds of pictures).

Damn, that makes me feel old.

If McGavin's death makes you wistful, you can always immerse yourself in the original television series (which, unfortunately, you are unlikely to find in most video rental stores).

CWCID: Tim Blair.


By Blogger Sissy Willis, at Sun Feb 26, 10:13:00 AM:

You used up all the glue on purpose!  

By Blogger irishspy, at Sun Feb 26, 11:54:00 AM:

But DVDs of the Night Stalker series are available through Netflix. (Video stores are soooo 90s. :) )

Time to put in an order.  

By Anonymous davod, at Sun Feb 26, 04:12:00 PM:

The Night Stalker is on the SCIFI Channel in the early afternoon.  

By Anonymous arnie, at Sun Feb 26, 06:01:00 PM:

I've seen "A Christmas Story" about 67,983 times and it keeps getting better everytime I see it.
The dogs eating the turkey(heh)
The leg shaped lamp (double heh)
The furnace (hooee)  

By Blogger NahnCee, at Mon Feb 27, 01:46:00 AM:

The box marked "frah-gee-lee" (heh)

I loved Darren McGavin. And was glad to see the attempted resurrection of "Night Stalker" last fall failed. McGavin brought a breathless excitement to it, an eccentricity, and a sense of fun.

Salud. You were a favorite.  

By Anonymous Doug Pratt, at Mon Feb 27, 10:40:00 AM:

I've read many obits and articles since learning of McGavin's passage, and none mentioned what to my mind is some of his finest work: his recordings of the books-on-tape versions of the John D. MacDonald "Travis McGee" books. They are simply splendid. The man was a true professional.  

By Blogger Chris, at Mon Feb 27, 10:59:00 AM:


RIP to a great character.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Mon Feb 27, 07:29:00 PM:

His work as Mr. "The Old Man" Parker in 1983's holiday classic "A Christmas Story" is simply hilarious. It is a broadly drawn comic characterization that is at the same time as true-to-life as can be imagined. A gifted actor never ceases to entertain you with a role no matter how many times you see it, and Mr. McGavin had that gift. RIP.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Wed Mar 01, 01:37:00 AM:

I just discovered the Mike Hammer series where he played the lead role -- what a character! Tough-talking but funny and always appreciative of any woman he saw, with a smile:) They were made in the 1950s and are black and white, but with Darren's acting it is as if he just filmed them yesterday. A treasure of a series!  

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