Friday, February 24, 2006

Supporting the Danes 

Three days ago, Christopher Hitchens, who has made something of a study of dissent, called on supporters of free speech to stand up for the Danes this afternoon in a demonstration at the Danish embassy in Washington. Pictures and video of the rally are up all over the blogosphere. There are a great many Danish flags and American flags, not a one of which is on fire. It is really quite inspiring, however much it plays in to the hands of the international Jewish conspiracy.

UPDATE: The Big Pharoah imagines doing the same thing in Cairo:
I'm thinking of organizing the same rally in Cairo. I just need 70 bodyguards, 3 armored humvees, plenty of tear gas, and 3 helicopters to immediately airlift the participants in case things got nasty. If you would like to participate please register your name by sending an e-mail to suicide.mission@yahoo.com.


CWCID: The Egyptian Sandmonkey.


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