Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Pakistan strike, again 

Our friends on the left have been waxing sanctimonious about the civilians killed in Friday's attempted takedown of al Qaeda chief operating officer Ayman al-Zawahiri. See this post at AMERICABlog and the attending comments for a taste ("Bush kills 24 innocent family members in Pakistan"). My advice: Find something else to complain about. That strike was both lawful and moral.

The Pakistanis, who are plenty annoyed that we would sky-hose a house full of jihadis and their human shields inside their own country, nonetheless acknowledge that we did, in fact, whack some bad guys:
Pakistani provincial authorities said Tuesday four or five foreign terrorists were killed in the purported U.S. missile strike that has severely strained relations with this Muslim nation, a key ally in President Bush's war on terror....

Pakistani intelligence officials have said the target of the attack was al-Qaida's No. 2, Ayman al-Zawahri, who they said was invited to a dinner celebrating an Islamic holiday in the village but sent aides instead.

Unless in a church, mosque or hospital, if you harbor a combatant you are a combatant. If you invite the commander of an army that is at war with the United States to dinner with your wife and children, be neither surprised nor outraged if we destroy your house in our attempt to kill our enemy. If innocent people die in that attack, it is your fault for having sheltered the combatant in their midst.


By Blogger Cardinalpark, at Wed Jan 18, 08:30:00 AM:

Let's see if the Dem Party picks up on this thread or if they leave it alone. I have no doubt most of the country agress with you. Whack them we did. Whack them some more we should do. The notion of
these "civilians" is laughable.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Wed Jan 18, 12:15:00 PM:

I'm leaving it alone because I agree with TigerHawk on this one, as long as we are going after the big boys.

- Levi  

By Blogger irishspy, at Wed Jan 18, 03:54:00 PM:

The outrage of the Pakistani government reminds me of Captain Reynaud in Casablanca -- they're "shocked, shocked" to find Americans operating on their soil. But, if we had nailed Zawahri, they'd be crowing about their role in it.  

By Blogger sirius_sir, at Wed Jan 18, 05:27:00 PM:

Michelle reports: ABC News has learned that al Qaeda's master bomb maker and chemical weapons expert was one of the men killed in last week's U.S. missile attack in eastern Pakistan.  

By Anonymous jaafar, at Thu Jan 19, 11:41:00 AM:

If you harbor a combatant...

Absolutely right. I had an incident ten years ago, when someone tipped me off to the fact that my room-mate was keeping some stolen property in his room. A quick call to a lawyer told me that, if the police found that stolen property in OUR apartment, we would both be arrested and charged.

The situation in Pakistan looks much LESS innocent than my situation with my room-mate. I didn't know what he was doing. But I find it impossible to imagine inviting Ayman al-Zawahiri and a dozen of his buddies for dinner -- innocently.  

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