Friday, April 29, 2005

Photo of the week 

Photo.net's photo of the week, taken by Juan Riera, March 2, 1978:

Photo of the Week

Twenty-six years later, the photographer had this to say about his photograph:
This foto has been an old favorite of mine. This is a place where you can only get by low tide (it is at the seaside). We used to go there for swimming but this time was the first time after the whole winter and spring. The green algae grown during the spring had changed the site and I saw the rock form as some kind of primigenial and protective nest. If you see the place, under his feet there is some sort of stone seat covered by this green algae. I ask my model (in fact he is my brother) to seat there trying not disturbing the green coverage (you can see this was not completely achieved). A few seconds after the taking he slipped away unhappily removing the green covering around the seat. I can say I previsualized the image and everything was ok to get it right!


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