Thursday, April 28, 2005

Live blogging taking the TigerHawk daughter to work day 

Hello! This is the TigerHawk daughter! I came to TigerHawk's office for Take Your Daughter To Work Day [actually, it is now take your child to work day - ed.]. I spent almost three hours playing on Neopets while my dad had an extremely boring meeting [it was scintillating! - ed.]. Here is a picture of me online.

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After lunch, I will update this post and tell you more about Neopets.

UPDATE (from TigerHawk): We had a delicious potluck lunch (I had some sort of pasta hamburger dish, with chips and cookies), after which the instrument guys taught the kids how to stabilize the cranium during surgery. Now the kids are watching The Incredibles in the big conference room, after which they are supposed to stand up and tell each other what their parent does all day long. I've instructed the TigerHawk daughter to be vague and speak in only the most respectful tones. Right.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at Thu Apr 28, 04:52:00 PM:

Cutest, dearest post ever.

I'm smiling in that foolish ear-to-ear way of the Hari Krishnas in "Airplane!"

Tiger Hawk Daughter rules!!!


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