Thursday, April 28, 2005

Nice flag 

Putin and the Star of David

On the first visit by a Kremlin leader to Israel, Russia's Vladimir Putin soothed his hosts Thursday by aiming sharp words at Iran over its nuclear program, but he sparred with his Israeli counterpart on a Syrian missile deal that Israelis see as a threat.

Making a trip meant to cement relations after decades of Soviet-era discord, the Russian president said his country and Israel are linked by the Holocaust and the deaths of millions of Soviet citizens in World War II. And he noted Israel's large population of Russian-speaking immigrants.



By Blogger BarbaraFromCalifornia, at Thu Apr 28, 05:13:00 PM:

I did not know Putin had made a trip to Israel, probably the first for any Russian leader.

We clearly share many bonds, the Jews and Russians. Let us see what, if anything, Putin does to strengthen bonds with Israel. A good start for the Jewish world would be to have some commemeration for Yom HaShoah on May 5th.  

By Blogger felix, at Thu Apr 28, 06:49:00 PM:

On the same day Putin visits Israel, the US announces the sale of bunker buster bombs to Israel. Presumably to be available for use vs. the Iran nuclear facilities. How many Russian Scientists will be killed if and when either the US or Israel bombs some of those facilities? Putin is putting those people in harm's way. Does he even care?  

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