Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Spain cuts its throat, and Europe's 

This is an extremely bad idea.

If demography is destiny, the last thing Europe needs is a tunnel to a Muslim kingdom.
Relations between Rabat and Madrid, often strained by territorial disputes, reached a low ebb in 2003 when Moroccan troops occupied Parsley Island, an uninhabited rock off the Moroccan coast.

The number of Moroccan citizens implicated in the Madrid train bombing did little to ease mutual suspicion.

However, a change of government in Spain has helped to improve the atmosphere.

If al Qaeda's massacre in Madrid triggered the cascade that elected Zapatero last March, and if this "change of government" results in a tunnel to the homeland of the terrorists, will not al Qaeda have achieved a significant strategic victory in its campaign to recover Al-Andalus for Islam?

If Jacques Chirac has a clue in the world, he will take Zapatero out to the back forty and beat him senseless.


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