Sunday, January 23, 2005

Winter wonderland 

Snow. We haven't seen this much in one wad for at least a couple of years, and perhaps not since the big blizzard of 1996. We shoveled out this morning -- it took about two hours, including the packed up mound where the plow dumped the packed up wad -- and now we're contemplating our afternoon. I think I'm going to buy the week's groceries, assuming that McCaffery's Supermarket has anything left on the shelves, and then settle into the Lay-Z-Boy for an afternoon of football.

The TigerHawk Official Eyeball Snowfall Estimate for Princeton is about 18 inches. I base that assessment on the pictures below. Who can correctly say what this thing is (photographed last night)?
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Here's the same object, this morning:
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Any guesses?

And, finally, the TigerHawk daughter, with Spaniels, on the back porch. The goggles are cool, n'est-ce pas?
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By Blogger Dr. Demarche, at Sun Jan 23, 03:36:00 PM:

It is a Christmas tree stand!

Did I win?

Cheers, Dr. D  

By Blogger TigerHawk, at Sun Jan 23, 05:46:00 PM:


I'm obviously going to have to work on tougher "mystery photos."  

By Blogger Chandor, at Fri Oct 07, 02:34:00 AM:

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