Monday, January 24, 2005

In America, there's always a second chance 

He spent a lifetime peddling smut and once had an $11 million (5.9 billion pound) fortune, but after losing everything and becoming just another homeless New Yorker, Al Goldstein is now happy pushing bagels instead of porn.

Goldstein, a founding father of America's porn industry, now hustles bagels and white fish at a New York-based deli and catering establishment.

"I've always loved food more than sex, so this is really my first love," said Goldstein, 69, now a cold-calling salesman for New York City Bagels. "I've gone from broads to bagels."...

"The Internet made pornography available for free and I couldn't compete," said Goldstein, who now lives on Staten Island, with his fifth wife, Christine, 28.

Those he befriended in the porn business, a billion-dollar industry he helped pioneer, turned their backs to him. Even his own son, Jordan, a Harvard graduate who works for a New York-based law firm, refuses to speak to him.

"My life has turned to crap," Goldstein said. "To go from a being a millionaire and then living in a homeless shelter and being rejecting by 98 percent of your friends is horrendous, but I'm a survivor."

Is there any other place on earth that redeems its fallen pornographers? America, the land of second chances.

As a side matter, I bet Jordan Goldstein is wondering how he came out of this article looking like the bad guy.


By Blogger Patton, at Mon Jan 24, 04:14:00 PM:

If Jordan Goldstein really has questions about how he comes off in the story, perhaps his education isn't complete.

Alternate possibility, apropos the story above, maybe he's just an asshat.  

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