Thursday, October 28, 2004

Sox close it out 

The Red Sox closed out their first World Series championship since 1918 behind a dominating Derek Lowe, beating the Cardinals 3-0. There were a lot of interesting stories in this short series, but the utter futility of the Cardinals batting order is right up there, along with the much maligned Lowe becoming the first pitcher in baseball history to win three clinching games in a post season, as he closed out the Angels, Yanks, and Cards in dominating fashion.

And so a long chapter in Red Sox history is finally closed, and sports writers next year are going to be short one of their trusty fall-backs when facing the deadline. As I watched the Red Sox celebrate the big win, my mind's eye saw Kolchak the Night Stalker sewing rock salt into the mouth of the sleeping zombie. And just like that, the Curse of the Bambino is laid to rest forever.


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