Thursday, October 28, 2004

Lunar eclipse blogging: Aboard AA 1914 (via email, delayed release) 

It is just after 10:10 pm EDT, and I am writing this aboard American
Airlines flight 1914 from Chicago to Newark (Blackberry transmitter off, of
course). Based on the lights below, we are passing over Lake Erie into Ohio
(I believe I see Cleveland). The pilot has just spotted tonight's total
eclipse of the moon off the starboard side of the plane, and asked that we
dim the lights so that we can take it in. And there it is, God's Pac-Man
over Akron. Then, like a fun-loving aviator of old, the pilot announced
that he was altering the course of the aircraft so that the passengers on
the other side of the plane could get a look. Very cool. A lunar eclipse
is definitely worth a zag over Ohio.

It's about time somebody injected a little impromptu fun back into air
travel. Here's to something special in the air!


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