Thursday, October 28, 2004

A dangerous moment for John Kerry 

Bush, Kerry to Appear on 'SportsCenter'

On the eve of election day, if you can believe it:
The 30-minute program will feature one-on-one, sit-down interviews with the candidates that will focus on their love of sports and how sports impact their lives," ESPN said in a statement Wednesday.

Here's to hoping that Kerry says he's a huge fan of the Michigan Buckeyes.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at Thu Oct 28, 12:58:00 AM:

Too bad their not going head to head--Bush would destroy him.

But that could be offset by Edwards' likely victory over Cheney on a symposium on "how hair has impacted their lives" which will be aired on E!

Rob A.

By Blogger Brendan, at Thu Oct 28, 01:54:00 AM:

"President Bush, a certain outfielder of Dominican origin has hit 573 homers and driven in 1527 runs since he was traded by a team you owned at the time. Were you happy with the combined total of 5 home runs hit for the Rangers by Harold Baines and Fred Manrique, the two players you received in that trade?"

And hmm, I can't imagine if Kerry might have any auspicious recent sports news to talk about...  

By Blogger Richpoo, at Sat Oct 08, 02:57:00 AM:

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