Monday, October 25, 2004

Ann Althouse dreams of blog vengeance 

In fact, I did have a blog-related dream last night. I was sitting alone at a big table in a nice and crowded restaurant, having nothing but a cup of black coffee. The waiter brought the check, charging me $20: $5 for the coffee and $15 for occupying a table that could have been used for customers who would have ordered dinner. I told him if he didn't take the $15 charge off the check, I was going to write about it in my blog. Oh, what? You have more exciting dreams, I suppose?

No, Ann, I don't.

We all have blog-vengeance fantasies -- mine come when some dead game sport cuts me off on U.S. 1, and I imagine that he would hear about my rage and feel shame if I were only to post his tag number -- but it must be quite something to have them when it is within your power to twitch up a post on Instapundit.

Use it wisely, Professor Althouse. With great power comes great responsibility!


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