Friday, October 08, 2004

Eliot Spitzer crushes the little guy 

Apparently, Eliot Spitzer is suing to put a lot of bathroom attendants out of work:
Attorney General Eliot Spitzer said on Thursday an investigation showed that attendants in upscale New York City restaurants were not receiving any wages and in fact were paying for the privilege of mining tips in bathrooms in exchange for providing toiletries and a hand towel.

Spitzer filed a $4 million lawsuit against Royal Flush, the city's main placement service for bathroom attendants. Company officials were unavailable to comment.

This certainly seems like an important law enforcement priority for the people of New York, but has Spitzer considered the obvious consequences? Nobody needs a bathroom attendant, and no sane employer would pay for one. They actually pay to help out in return for tips. If Spitzer's lawsuit succeeds, employers will not suddenly decide to pay them wages in addition to their tips -- no, those poor guys will lose their jobs.

CWCID: Professor Bainbridge.


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