Monday, August 30, 2004

All McGreevey, all the time 

Fausta has a link-rich post with the full McGreevey update.

Andrew Sullivan is out of his hammock and agrees with those of us who have been saying that McGreevey is hiding behind the gay rights movement, not advancing its cause:
A closeted gay man trying to pretend he's straight eventually breaks down and reveals the truth under threat of blackmail from a lover. How many times has that happened? Worse, McGreevey tried to spin it as an advance for gay rights. Nope. What the gay rights movement is trying to achieve is an end to these kinds of decptions and lies and phony marriages.

Finally, Jim of Parkway Rest Stop imagines James E. McGreevey at the bakery. Heh.


By Blogger Fausta, at Tue Aug 31, 09:53:00 AM:

Thank you Jack!  

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