Saturday, August 28, 2004

Friends of Kerry crush dissent 

Little Miss Attila reports that friends of John Kerry have threatened a lawsuit for copyright infringement -- here's a copy of their nastygram -- against people who post the picture from the front of John Kerry's book "The New Soldier." The nastygram did not, apparently, deter Attila, who posted the picture here. Go to the link, and then come back.

Attila observes out that the picture is a parody of the famous raising of the flag on Iwo Jima. I think she understated it. I would describe the cover of Kerry's book as a mockery of that picture. Looking at these two pictures side by side, it is extremely fair to say that John Kerry, during his very embarrassing youthful years, mocked the most iconic moment of the Greatest Generation. If I were Karl Rove, I'd run these two photos side-by-side on every television show with an over-70 demographic between now and the election.

CWCID: Dean's World.


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