Friday, August 27, 2004

Suing to force a special election for the governor of NJ 

Jim of Parkway Rest Stop has written on the Federal lawsuit filed by two Princeton lawyers to force a special election. He is pessimistic of its chances for success (as am I), but it is an interesting read for those of you New Jersey readers who have been wondering whether McGreevey and the Democrats have been violating your constitutional rights. Here's the theory of the case:
The legal theory being pursued by the plaintiffs is that, by announcing on August 12th his inability to effectively govern, Jim McGreevey essentially created a vacancy as of that date, and that by remaining in office through November 15th, he is preventing a special election and thereby depriving New Jersey citizens of their constitutional rights, including the right of due process.

If that sounds like a winning argument to you, go read the whole post and see why it probably won't succeed.

Kudos for trying, though. There certainly have been less meritorious lawsuits filed in the history of New Jersey politics.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at Fri Aug 27, 07:34:00 PM:

Thanks for the link. As I said, I hope I'm wrong!

Parkway Rest Stop

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