Monday, August 23, 2004

All about medals: Monday update 

Tigerhawk has assigned me the task of keeping the medal score updated while he frolics in the Adirondacks, an assignment I have accepted. Unfortunately, upon reviewing his little tally spreadsheet, I detected an error, as Spain was entered twice, overstating the coalition of the willing medal count. Correcting yesterday's aggregate count is my first order of business.

The count should have been:

Willing 281, Unwilling 229, using the previously defined methodology.

Adjusting for the politically paralyzed and the formally willing yields pro forma results of Willing 271, Unwilling 239.

Now, adjusting these numbers for Monday's action yields the following results (a/o around 5:00 pm EDT):

Willing: 319
Unwilling: 244

And, making the previously discussed adjustments for Spain, Israel, and Taiwan:

pro forma Willing: 306
pro forma Unwilling: 257

Still a formidable margin, and just imagine how much wider it would be under President Kerry!

(Hey TH, maybe we should include a Kerry pro forma that adds back French and German medals, since as we all know, had Bush not squandered all that Prussian and Franco post 9/11 goodwill, their troops would be storming Najaf as I write).


By Blogger TigerHawk, at Mon Aug 23, 08:52:00 PM:

I never was very good at accounting.  

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