Saturday, August 21, 2004

Annals of numismatics: The Lewis and Clark nickel 

Secretary of the Treasury John Snow was at the Iowa State Fair (a smart move in and of itself -- just ask the Tall Glass of Milk), handing out pocket change. Specifically, The Lewis and Clark nickel. Posted by Hello

I have previously denounced the Louisiana Purchase nickel, which is both ugly and historically idiotic. But the Lewis and Clark nickel is very nice.

Here's to hoping that the United States Mint develops the nickel into a device for commemorating American expansion beyond the presidency of Thomas Jefferson. I'd like an Alamo nickel, a Mexican War nickel, and maybe even a Spanish-American War nickel. Of course, an election year might not be the perfect time to advance the necessary legislation.

UPDATE (8-22-04, late afternoon): Hey, I just got my first Lewis and Clark nickel in circulation, in my change at the big WaWa just south of the Route 33/34 traffic circle in Wall Township (New Jersey, duh!), coming back to Princeton from Point Pleasant (the surf was excellent, by the way).


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