Thursday, August 19, 2004

Ahhh, Red America! 

Jethro, fetch me shotgun!

It's impossible to say how many hunters will be in the woods Saturday morning
for the opening of Kentucky's 2004-05 squirrel season, but those that are there
should find plenty of game. "We're expecting this to be the best squirrel
season we've had on record," said John Morgan, small-game specialist for the
Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources. "We expect hunters to see an average
of about 2.5 squirrels per hour. That's pretty good."

This reminds me of a vivid story my grandmother told of being in bed with the stomach flu in her apartment on West 67th Street in Manhattan. My grandfather returned home from Buckingham County, Virginia, with a bag of skinned squirrels he had shot, and asked her to make Mulligan stew. This being circa 1938, she got out of bed and made Mulligan stew, but it soured her on squirrel until her dying day.


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