Thursday, August 19, 2004

Olympics medal count: The coalition of the willing vs. everybody else 

For those of us who are all about the medal counts, the end of the Cold Warish East vs. West rivalry thing has taken some of the fun out of the Olympics. True, the recent trend of female athletes posing nude is picking up some of the slack, but a little bit of old-fashioned power bloc rivalry would make it all that much more interesting, Kofi Annan notwithstanding.

Brendan of the Facts Machine to the rescue! He has divided the world into the "coalition of the willing" and "everyone else," and is tracking the medal counts in each category. As of earlier today, the Coalition of the Willing was ahead of Everyone Else 130 to 91. And "Everyone Else" includes the "east" Germans. Heh.


By Blogger Rick, at Fri Aug 20, 01:49:00 AM:

Now that I no longer eat at McDonald's, I have lost much of my former interest in medal counts because I'm not after the free cheeseburger. Thus, the focus on another appetite consumes my attention span.  

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