Saturday, August 21, 2004

All about the medals: Coalition of the Willing vs. The Unwilling 

We at TigerHawk yearn for a return of the great Olympic power bloc rivalries of our youth. In that spirit, we hereby present the third installment of our series "All about the medals," which classifies Olympic medals of all sorts by inclusion with or exclusion from the Coalition of the Willing.

According to my calculations, Coalition of the Willing countries and their unspoken allies (Israel, Taiwan, and liberated Iraq) opened up their lead in total medals Saturday, reaching a cumulative 236 medals, compared to 195 medals for the Unwilling. There has been some debate over the correct classification of Spain, in that there are those who would consider Spain no longer Willing. Perhaps, but in honor of the Spaniards who risked and even spent their lives in Iraq, I have included Spain's six medals in the Coalition totals.

Obviously, one might construct pro forma statements that would shift Spain, Israel, Taiwan and liberated Iraq. In that case, 9 medals would shift from the Coalition to the Unwilling, reducing the Coalition's lead to 23 medals.

Check in with TigerHawk daily for further updates. And all credit for the idea belongs to Brendan at The Facts Machine, a witty leftist blogger if ever there was one.


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