Monday, July 19, 2004

Say it ain't so: Sheetz tagged for food poisoning 

The FDA just alerted me to an unfolding tragedy of unspeakable magnitude:
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is issuing an alert to consumers that 57 cases of salmonellosis may be associated with food purchased at deli counters contained in Sheetz Gas Station locations in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and West Virginia between July 2nd through July 9th.

Why is this bad news? Because Sheetz runs the best gas station/convenience store combinations in the country. The stores are brightly lit, have an excellent selection of snack foods, toiletries and reading matter, and sell good gasoline at reasonable prices. If it can happen to Sheetz, it can happen to anybody. Also, I cannot abide the risk that the food safety vigilantes in the TigerHawk household will oppose future family visits to Sheetz stores. Fortunately, we particularly favor the Sheetz facilities in Warrenton and Orange, Virginia, which -- praise the Lord -- do not seem to have been swept up in the FDA's alert.

Thankfully, the company has not been silent: No less a luminary than Steve Sheetz himself has responded to the FDA and his customers:
While there are still no definitive answers, it appears the contaminant came from an external supplier. Officials have reported that there is no link whatsoever to improper food handling or food safety practices by Sheetz employees.

I, for one, am reassured. Go Sheetz!


By Blogger TI82GOBLUE, at Mon Jul 19, 04:24:00 PM:

Just visited my first Sheetz station this weekend in Streetsboro, Ohio. What you say is true -- a clean store and affordable gas prices.

I do a fair amount of long distance driving, and I usually stop at major oil company stations, but this one was right next to my hotel.

I find that it is similar to Wawa food/gas stations -- another well-run family business. I will not hesitate to stop by at a Sheetz station next time it's convenient.  

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