Monday, July 19, 2004

The evisceration of Joe Wilson 

For everything you need to know about Joe Wilson, Iraq's attempts to buy "yellowcake uranium" from Niger, the duplicity of the New York Times, and the awkward silence from the Kerry Campaign, go to Tom MacGuire's Just One Minute and keep scrolling. Via Instapundit.

MacGuire demonstrates convincingly that Wilson's a joke and a liar, which you would think would give some pause to his employer, John Kerry for President. If the national media had a shred of a hint of an inclination to be fair to Bush, which they do not, this story would have been blaring from the front pages since June 29, the day after the Financial Times first revealed that there was a lot more to the yellowcake story than had been leaked by the CIA or reported in the American press. Instead, as this commenter points out, The New York Times reported that Bush's 16 words about the yellowcake were "now discredited" as recently as today, notwithstanding the clumsy backpedaling going on elsewhere.

The press, especially the New York Times (which published Wilson's original op-ed piece), isn't even trying to play fair on this one. It is too embarrassing for them.


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