Monday, July 19, 2004

The jihadists win again 

There are press accounts that the Philippines has paid a ransom, through Malaysia, to get its truck driver back. If so, this reinforces a terrible trend, because it gives the jihadists a powerful new reason to take hostages. Not only will they demand strategic concessions, but they will ask us to give them the material means to finance their war against us.

Why do I say that this payment by the Philippines "reinforces a terrible trend"? Because it has happened before. To its eternal discredit, Germany seems to have laundered a ransom payment through Mali to achieve the release of various of its nationals foolish enough to vacation in southern Algeria last year.

Why do so many Americans demand that we work with our allies, when our "allies" are literally supplying Al-Qaeda and its affiliates with the money that they will use to kill Americans?

CWCID: Michelle Malkin.


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