Friday, July 16, 2004

The scariest story I've read in a long time 

Read this story of an extremely harrowing flight from Detroit to Los Angeles just three weeks ago.  If the account is true, and it reads very credibly to me, terrorists are experimenting with assembling weapons or bombs once on board from seemingly innocuous components that can be smuggled through security.  And why is it that fourteen Syrians can get on our planes, sit in different seats, take their carry-on bags to the lavatory in sequence, and the airline can't do anything about it?  Because in the absence of an "event," it is apparently unlawful to question more than two Middle Eastern-appearing people on any one flight.
Read the whole thing, and wonder whether we've learned a damned thing.
CWCID:  Professor Bainbridge.
UPDATE:  Rob A. has more, including a rant about air marshall dress codes (we don't put them in uniforms, yet we make them stand out like sore dorks), and the possibility that the story above is a hoax (which Rob A., a fraud investigator, discounts).
FURTHER UPDATE:  A reader emails that the link is down, which is true (at least for the time being).  Michelle Malkin, though, has a slew of updates that seem to confirm the story as true, so read her updates and see if you can hunt your way around to an effective link.
UPDATE:  Link fixed.

UPDATE (7-18-04 8:45):  Back from vacation.  It seems that the band has been identified.  Maybe there is nothing here after all.


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